King of My Heart: Guard Your Heart Wk. 2

Jun 16, 2024    Pastor Kamron Oberlin

In Pastor Kamron's powerful sermon titled "Guard Your Heart," delivered as part of the "King of My Heart" series, he delves into the profound importance of prioritizing our relationship with Jesus above all else. Reflecting on Proverbs 4:23, Pastor Kamron emphasizes that the true battles we face often originate from within our hearts, likening unresolved heart issues to invasive weeds that threaten to overtake our spiritual lives. Through engaging personal stories and biblical insights, he challenges us to examine what or who is truly sitting on the throne of our hearts. Pastor Kamron urges us to honestly confront any idols we may have, and to diligently guard our hearts, for everything we do flows from it. This sermon is a heartfelt call to allow Jesus to be the sole King of our hearts, guiding our actions and shaping our lives according to His will.